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The Government of the Kingdom of Christ.— Part III.

by Rev. James Moir Porteous.
(Published in 1888.)


I N 1869 the Free Church of Scotland presented a prize for the best essay on the fundamental principles of presbyterian order and government. The judges unanimously awarded the prize to Rev. James Moir Porteous for his essay, which was revised and enlarged for publication as the book, "The Government of the Kingdom of Christ. An Inquiry at to the Scriptural, Invincible and Historical Position of Presbytery."

Parts I and II of this book have been re-published by the James Begg Society as "Jesus Christ King of the Church." It is available here.

Part III is a historical survey of presbyterianism from the first century A.D. until 1888, the date of the book's original publication, with a concluding chapter on the present (to 1888) position and future anticipations of presbyterianism. The graphic above is taken from the original title-page of Part III.

The James Begg Society is pleased to make this third part of Rev. James Moir Porteous's work available on our website.

The illustration from the frontispiece of this part of the original book is available in a PDF file here (255 KB, requires Adobe Reader).