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The James Begg Society

Publishers of Protestant, Reformed Christian Literature

The Presbyterian Standard

The magazine of the James Begg Society

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The Presbyterian Standard

The Presbyterian Standard is the magazine of the James Begg Society. In it we publish articles from ancient and contemporary authors in order to further the Aims of the Society, which are:

  1. To promote the Reformed understanding of the Scriptures regarding doctrine, worship and practice; and

  2. To encourage unity in doctrine, worship and practice among Reformed Christians.

Between 1996 and 2012, it was a quarterly magazine, but has since become an occasional publication.

It is our hope that our magazine will provide encouragement and help to the Lord's people.

Individuals may recieve a free sample of the Presbyterian Standard on request – please contact us.

  • Editor: Rev. David Blunt, M.Sc., Dip.Theol.
  • Associate Editor: Rev. James Gracie, Dip.Theol.