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The Presbyterian Standard, the quarterly magazine of the Society, has now ceased publication. The web site is still online, which includes many articles from past issues. 

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Annual Meeting 2011

The 2011 Annual Meeting of the James Begg Society took place on Friday 25th November at Partick Free Church (Continuing), Glasgow, which was kindly loaned for the evening. The meeting was chaired by the Society's President, Rev. James Gracie and about twenty-five people attended.

After prayer, the reading of the Holy Scriptures from 1 Peter Chapter 1 and the singing of part of Psalm 19 Mr Gracie introduced the speaker, Pastor Pooyan Mehrshahi, minister of Providence Chapel, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Mr Mehrshahi, who is originally from Iran, is involved in work with the Trinitarian Bible Society on a revision of the Farsi or Persian Bible. The title of his address was 'The Providential Preservation of the Holy Scriptures'. 

Mr Mehrshahi began by pointing out that while this year we are celebrating the fact that God has been pleased to maintain the Authorised Version in our midst for four hundred years what God really promises to preserve are the Hebrew and Greek originals which underlie our English translation. 

Our claim to possess the Word of God is a true claim because God promised to preserve His Word and He has fulfilled His promise: He is always true to His covenant. 

Quoting the words of Christ in Matthew 24:35, "My words shall not pass away," Mr Mehrshahi said that God's Word cannot be destroyed. Many books are like their authors: they eventually die. The only book that stands is the Bible. 

The Bible has many enemies because it speaks so honestly. Yet it is still the best-selling book in the world. While ordinary food is soon consumed the Word of God does not perish with the using but continues to feed the soul. 

Satan once tried to destroy the Bible. Now he has changed his tactic. He will 'burn' the Bible in people's hearts, making them to doubt its truth. 

Quoting Christ's words in Matthew 4:4, "It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God," Mr Mehrshahi pointed out that they teach us divine revelation, divine inspiration and divine preservation. There are in fact many verses in Scripture that refer to God preserving His Word, such as Psa. 78:1-7; 105:8; 119:160; Matt. 5:17,18; 1 Pet. 1:23-25. God's Word will last until the last day for we will be judged by that Word. 

We often hear of plenary (full) inspiration but we must consider plenary revelation and plenary preservation too. Those who believe in a partial preservation of the Scriptures rob us of the Word of God in the end. But the invisible hand of providence protects the Bible. 

Following prayer and a vote of thanks to the speaker the meeting was concluded with the singing of part of Psalm 119 and the Benediction.

The MP3 recording of this public lecture is available for free download here.