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Here are a selection of links to other websites that visitors may find of interest. However, although a link to an organisation's website is included here, this does not mean that the James Begg Society endorses all the doctrines and opinions which they promote.

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The Presbyterian Standard
Presbyterian Standard

Traditional Text Pamphlets
Traditional Text Pamphlets

John Kennedy of Dingwall
John Kennedy of Dingwall

Thomas Halyburton
Thomas Halyburton

William Perkins
William Perkins


Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland

Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)

Free Church of Scotland

Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland

Presbyterian Reformed Church of America

Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia

Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia


The Trinitarian Bible Society — founded in 1831 for the circulation of Protestant or uncorrupted versions of the Word of God. The Aims of the TBS are:

  • To publish and distribute the Holy Scriptures throughout the world in many languages.
  • To promote Bible translations which are accurate and trustworthy.
  • To be instrumental in bringing light and life, through the Gospel of Christ, to those who are lost in sin and in the darkness of false religion and unbelief.
  • To uphold the doctrines of reformed Christianity, bearing witness to the equal and eternal deity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, One God in three Persons.
  • To uphold the Bible as the inspired, inerrant Word of God.

Other Publishers and Sellers of Presbyterian, Puritan, and Reformed Books

Free Presbyterian Bookroom — Online sales outlet for the Bookroom of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. An excellent source for Reformed literature, Bibles, Psalters, CDs, and children's books, including The Westminster Standards in one hardback volume. This edition of the Westminster Standards and other useful Reformed books are published by Free Presbyterian Piblications. These are all available on the F.P.Bookfoom website.

Peter and Rachel Reynolds  — Sellers of second hand and antique Christian books in Dingwall, Scotland. Sales by mail order from their website, to anywhere in the world.

Reformation Press — Publisher of good books by old Scottish ministers.

Napthali Press — Book publisher specialising in rare Puritan works, particularly in the Scottish Presbyterian authors of that period.

The Northampton Press — Publishing wing of Dr. Don Kistler ministries.

Still Waters Revival Books — Bookstore with good books and photocopies for sale. Also a lot of free books and newsletters to download.

CPRF Bookstore — Online Bookstore of the Covenant Protestant Reformed Fellowship (Northern Ireland). Has many soundly reformed theological books and publications, and CD's of Psalm-singing. Some audio sermons are also available online.

Other Websites of Interest

The Covenant of Grace — Stephen Tanner's Website. "This website exists for the proclamation of God's revealed truth in Scripture — the way of everlasting life through Jesus Christ. The books, articles and true stories provided here are committed to the biblical doctrines recovered by the Church at the Reformation and taught by the Puritans and their successors. May the Almighty God prosper the work here and may He abundantly bless the endeavours of all His people, sending His Holy Spirit with power to shed forth the pure light of Christ."

Reformed Online Library

TheWestminster Shorter Catechism Project — Links from each Question and Answer to commentary provided by the works of John Flavel, Thomas Watson, Thomas Boston, Thomas Vincent, James Fisher, John Whitecross, and others.

The Westminster Assembly Project — An organisaion with a mission to make available the Minutes and Papers of the Westminster Assembly of Divines (1643-1652) which have long lain in libraries forgotten by historians and theologians.

Monergism — classic articles and resources of the historic Christian faith. Monergism is the view that the Holy Spirit is the only agent who effects regeneration of Christians. It is in contrast with synergism, the view that there is a cooperation between the divine and the human in the regeneration process.

A Puritan's Mind — an excellent rescource for articles by, and articles about, the Puritans and Puritan belief and practice.

Covenanter — website of the Reformed Presbyterian Church (Covenanted), following Rev. David Steele  (1803-1887) in the USA.

The Puritans Network   — Promoting Puritan Reformation in the State, Church and family. Plenty of good educational resources for home schooling and other uses.

Berean Beacon — the ministry of Richard Bennet, former Roman Catholic prest. A ministry to Roman Catholics with a lot of evangelistic and apologetic material.

IconBusters — the website of Rand Winburn. "A Ministry Called To Awaken The Sleeping Elect."

Sing Psalms to God

SermonAudio — home of "the largest library of free MP3 audio sermons on the internet."