The James Begg Society

The James Begg Society

Publishers of Protestant, Reformed Christian Literature


The James Begg Society publishes the works of
Scottish Presbyterians from the Sixteenth Century onwards,
and of modern authors with the same faith
from around the world.

Rev. James Begg, D.D.Who was James Begg?

The Rev James Begg D.D. (1808-1883) was a minister in the Church of Scotland, and in the Free Church of Scotland from its foundation in 1843. He was a strong opponent of Roman Catholicism, Liberal Theology and attempts to bring unbiblical practices into the worship of God.

The James Begg Society, founded in 1994, is committed to the same Reformed Christian religion as Dr Begg – as formulated in the Westminister Standards.

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The Westminster Standards

Psalmody and Catechism Fund

In fulfillment of its Aim the Society operates a 'Psalmody and Catechism Fund.' Grants are made (as funds are available) of copies of the 1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter to help churches and families which desire to practice Reformed worship, and of the Westminster Shorter Catechism (our own edition) to churches, families and schools. We are able to distribute copies of the new and attractive edition of the Psalter produced by the Trinitarian Bible Society. Donations to the Society may be specified as for this Fund.

Enquiries from those interested are welcomed — please contact us.

The Christian Sabbath Observance Policy of the James Begg Society

This Website is closed on the Christian Sabbath (i.e., on Sundays).

We, as Christians, believe in keeping the Christian sabbath, also known as the Lord's Day. We also believe that God would justly consider us as not properly keeping His sabbath law if we enabled or condoned the breaking of it by other people. For this reason we close our website on the Christian Sabbath, which is held on the first day of every week (i.e., Sundays).

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The Presbyterian Standard Web Site

The Presbyterian Standard was the quarterly magazine of the Society, but is no longer published. It has its own web site, which includes many articles from past issues. 

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