Traditional Text Pamphlets

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HERE are some articles whose purpose is to promote and to defend the Traditional Text group of Greek New Testament manuscripts (also known as the Recieved Text or Majority Text), as opposed to the Critical Text (or Modern Text).

Some of these articles were originally published as pamphlets. All of these articles have appeared in the magazine of the James Begg Society, The Presbyterian Standard.

The Traditional Text has been in use in the Greek churches since at least the 4th Century according to the evidence – and, since we believe that God preserves his special revelation in all generations and that he would never have let it fall into disuse among his people, we therefore believe that it is essentially the same as that of the original manuscripts written by the inspired authors.

The Critical Text was put together by a group of translators in the 19th Century following the principles of Higher Criticism, using the Traditional Text plus some newly discovered ancient manuscripts which contained many textual variations. Those who produced it were effectively implying that God has allowed his holy word in the New Testament to have become so corrupted that the original form of was lost to the Christian church for most of the last two millennia, and only to have been 'reconstructed' by Higher Critical scholars in the late 19th Century.

Most translations of the New Testament in modern bible versions are based on the Critical Text or a variation thereof. But it is from the Traditional Text that the New Testament translations of the Protestant Reformation were translated, including that of the English Authorised (King James) Version.

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