Presbyterian Standard

The Magazine of the James Begg Society

Between 1996 and 2012 the Presbyterian Standard was produced four times each year. It is now no longer published.

The aim was to produce a variety of devotional, doctrinal and historical articles. Material was selected from Reformed Christian writings of the past and contributed by present-day writers of like faith.

ISSN 1361-8172

We apologise that subscription to the magazine is no longer available.

Some back issues of the magazine numbers 1-60 are still in stock, please contact us with your request.

Individual issues:

2.50 each (double issues 5.00)

Issue 61:The Synod of Dort and the Dutch Further Reformation

Issue 62: The Beatitudes: A Portrait of God's People

Issue 63-64 (double issue): Singing of Psalms the Duty of Christians under the New Testament

Issue 65: Calvin the Preacher of Geneva

Issue 66: The Culdee Church: Scotland's First Presbyterians

Issue 67-68 (double issue): The Organ Question: Should Instrumental Music be used in Public Worship today?