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T HIS website is dedicated to the works of Rev John Kennedy, D.D., who was minister of the Free Church of Scotland in Dingwall (in the Scottish Highlands) from 1843 until his death in 1884. 

The Free Church in Dingwall, Scotland, where Dr Kennedy was minister.
Dingwall Free Church. The present building was opened in 1870.

About Dr Kennedy

Memoir of Rev John Kennedy, D.D., of Dingwall, which appeared in the newspaper Inverness Courier in 1893. Mrs Kennedy regarded it as the best account of her husband that had appeared in any form.

Sermons by Dr Kennedy

1. What is Sin?

2. Justification by Faith

Other Works by Dr Kennedy on this Website

1. The Introduction of Instrumental Music into the Worship of the Free Church Unscriptural, Unconstitutional, and Inexpedient.

2. Hyper-Evangelism: Another Gospel, though a Mighty Power.

3. The Days of the Fathers in Ross-shire (e-book).

Printed Works by Dr Kennedy

Works of Dr Kennedy in print are available on the following websites:

1. The James Begg Society. The James Begg Society have published some of the Works of Rev Dr Kennedy of Dingwall, including Hyper-evangelism: A Reformed Debate, Signs of the Times, and Kennedy's rich and edifying Sermon Notes.

2. Free Presbyterian Bookroom. Available from here are Dr Kennedy's Memoir of Rev Dr John Macdonald of Ferintosh, entitled, The Apostle of the North, and Dr Kennedy's tract, The Beatitudes.

3. Reformation Press. Reformation Press have published a book of five sermons of Dr. Kennedy, entitled The Saviour.

4. Tentmaker Publications. Tentmaker Publications have published a book of Expository Lectures of Dr Kennedy, and The Life of Rev John Kennedy, D.D.,. a biography by his friend, Rev. Alexander Auld.