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Memoirs of James Begg, D.D.
by Prof. Thomas Smith

Rev. Dr. James Begg (1808-1883) was minister of Newington Free Church, Edinburgh. He was a leading figure in the Church of Scotland in the early 19th Century, and from the foundation of the Free Church of Scotland in 1843. Begg was a strong opponent of Roman Catholicism, Liberal Theology and innovations that polluted the purity of Christian worship. As such, he was the inspiration for the formation of the James Begg Society in 1995. The first four chapters of the Memoirs were written by Dr. Begg himself. [More...]

The Government of the Kingdom of Christ, Part III
by Rev. James Moir Porteous

In 1869 the Free Church of Scotland presented a prize for the best essay on the fundamental principles of presbyterian order and government. The judges unanimously awarded the prize to James Moir Porteous for his essay, which was revised and enlarged for publication. Parts One and Two of this book were re-published in 1999 by the James Begg Society as Jesus Christ King of the Church. Part Three is a historical survey of presbyterianism from the first century A.D. until 1888. [More...]

In Spirit and in Truth: an Anthology of Christian Worship
Compiled by Michael Marzan-Esher

We are pleased to host on our website this interesting an valuable book by Michael Marzan-Esher: In Spirit and in Truth: an Anthology of Christian Worship. The material gathered together in this anthology was written between 1652 and 1878, by Protestant Christian ministers of a number of different church denominations. [More...]

Free Church Presbyterianism in the United Kingdom:
Its Principles, Duties, and Dangers

By James Begg, D.D.

Four Addresses delivered by Dr. Begg as Moderator in the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland, 1865. [More...]