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Basic Christianity

God's Greatest Glory
‏What Does God Require of Us?
‏Becoming a Christian
‏The Evil Heart
‏The Emptiness of Life
‏Dirty Washing
‏Can a Christian Lose His Salvation?
‏Should we Impose Christian Standards on Others?
Is Christianity A Political Movement?
Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep it Holy
‏Christian Hatred
‏Christmas: Satans Greatest Festival?
What A Christian Can Know For Sure
Dust Thou Art
Even a Vapour
We Have Sinned
Repentance Unto Life
The Bondage of the Will
Everlasting Burnings
More Than Conquerors

The Christian Life

My Soul is Exceeding Sorrowful, Even unto Death
‏Ground to Powder
‏Only Evil Continually
‏I'm Saved, But I'm not Getting any Better
‏Being Taken Advantage Of
‏Trying too Hard
‏Skeletons in the Cupboard
‏Embracing Self-Hatred
‏The Last shall be First
‏Growing Old
‏Walk Worthy
‏Good Works
‏The Doctrine According to Godliness
‏The Undetectable God
‏The Lost Art of Suffering Wrongfully
‏What if I am not One of the Elect?
‏The End does Not Justify the Means
‏Spiritual Growth
‏The Guidance of the Holy Spirit
‏Rejoice in the Lord
‏Cry to God for Mercy
‏The Loneliness of the Serious Christian
‏Prayer Changes Things
Reluctant Workers
Let Thy Words Be Few
Grow in Grace

The Frustrations of Church

I. The Frustrations of Church
‏Prepare to be Surprised
‏The Great Dilemma
‏Am I an Heretic?
‏Church Disputes
‏Accepting the Lord's Providence
‏Church Membership
The Church or Christ?

II. Church Leadership
‏Nobody Listens to a Word I Have to Say
‏Leadership A Lust not a Gift
‏Who Controls Your Church?

III. Reformation Required
‏The Church has Forgotten
‏The Train Now Leaving
‏Our Own Importance
‏The Reformation of Preaching
‏Christian Community
‏But the Church Doesn't Like Me
‏There's a Need Near You
‏Why the Church Isn't Growing

IV. Modern False Gospels
‏Appeal to Disillusionment
‏Healing Ministries in the Church Today
‏Attracting Youth
‏The Do it Yourself Gospel
‏Freedom in Christ
‏Worshipping the Money God

The Bible

The One Thing Needful
‏One is Your Master
‏This is An Hard Saying
‏The Quest for Certainty
‏The Apocrypha
‏Loving the Authorised Version

Understanding the Future

Understanding Future Events
‏The Use of Apocalyptic Literature
‏The Antichrist
‏The Future of the Jews
‏The Millennium

Signs and Wonders and Spiritual Gifts


‏Arranged Marriages
‏Divorce and Remarriage